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Update from Community Partner Cook Children’s
Written by Dr. Tonya Fuqua

The staff at Cook Children’s and The Center for Children’s Health knows that a healthy mouth can lead to a healthy overall body. And with a goal of making their six-... Read More

Some of you seasoned readers may remember the television commercials featuring the stressed out mother dealing with her children running around the house as she was trying to clean. Mom would look around and exclaim, “Calgon, take me away from here.”... Read More

The staff, mothers, and boys at HOPE Farm want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the dental offices that helped make our Christmas over-the- top this year! The Fort Worth District Dental Society came through BIG by adopting each of our boys to ensure... Read More

Full Day CE Course Featuring Dr. Sonia Leziy and Dr. Brahm Miller

SYNOPSIS: The demand for esthetic implant restorations has become a consistent theme in the dental literature and in daily clinical practice. Surgical... Read More